1. naturalbornworldshakers:

    “I believe this photo of Jay is the most stunning and strikingly clear representation, of any photo ever taken, of modern skateboarding. It contains all the elements that make up what modern-day skateboarding has become: awesome aggression and style, power and fury, wild abandon, destruction of all fear, untamed individualism, and a free-spirited determination to tear, shred, and rip relentlessly. Jay should’ve had it all, and it makes me so sad that he didn’t.” 

    –Stacy Peralta

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  2. wmud:

    marcel breur and hamilton p smith - new york university lecture hall, university heights campus, new york, 1957

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  5. psychotic-art:

    Pablo Picasso

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  8. japaneseaesthetics:


    By Hayashi Jikko.

    Edo Period, 19th century., Japan


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  9. or1entalist:

    "Catching a Catfish with a Gourd"

    by Zen Priest Josetsu (如拙)

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  11. gizelegraca:

    Laura Gilpin (1891-1979) - Footprints in the Sand (1931.)

    Platinum print

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  12. gizelegraca:

    Arq. Alejandro Zohn

    Seating for spectators and referees at the “President Adolfo Lopez Mateos” Sports Center, Guadalara, Mexico 1962

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  13. thingsorganizedneatly:

    Japanese Boxwood Combs from Nalata Nalata

    Photography by Armando Rafael

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  14. dromik:

    Rebecca Warren - LUH 2213
    steel on painted MDF plinth
    full: 223 x 100 x 42 cm

  15. aleyma:

    Tokuyama Gyokuran, Orchids, 18th century (source)

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